1. Shoes

Access to most brands and our own collections of shoes gives ANWR members a unique and competitive advantage.

2. Finance

Our efficient settlement system gives each store complete control over the invoices and guarantees that each supplier receives their payment at the right time. Options for payment in different conditions, extended payment time, no foreign payments and credit invoices can be settled against any other invoices. This is taken care of by our own bank, DZB Bank. You also receive a yearly bonus and a yearly refund of your share in ANWR.

3. Services

Marketing material, bags and similar are both expensive and difficult to produce by yourself. In addition, we offer an easy to use and joint e-commerce built on our own platform that offers many opportunities even in physical stores.

4. Buying days

Efficient work saves time and leaves more time for other things. ANWR’s buying days are unique because they are produced solely for our members. These days also offer the opportunity to socialise with colleagues, something that is much appreciated.

5. POS

A POS linked to our own IT platform provides possibilities that are difficult to achieve alone. Everything from article data (PRICAT) to joint e-commerce, screens in stores and statistics to name a few.