Our bank is your bank and has a turnover of over SEK 180 billion

The advantages of one’s own bank are many. For example, it is much safer for you as a member, as the bank guarantees the payment of your invoices to the supplier. In addition, you do not have much of the financial administration. DZB BANK, which is ANWR’s own bank, specialises in retail; Suppliers and Retail companies.

Safer for you with DZB’s settlement system

DZB BANK handles all payments to the suppliers, you then pay DZB Bank at agreed payment time. Less administration for you, which allows you to focus on the important things; Running a store and selling shoes.

Smoother purchases

Since DZB guarantees payment to contract suppliers, you have access to over a thousand suppliers across Europe. Perhaps you would like to make a deal directly at a trade fair abroad? No problem, thanks to guaranteed payment, you as a member can place an order at any time with any of our suppliers.

Secure financing

Members of ANWR have the opportunity to pay in different conditions. The goal is to make it as smooth as possible for our members. Possibility for extra long payment time if necessary, up to 120 days extra. Credit notes are not a problem, we do not require an invoice from the same supplier instead the credit is deducted from the total amount to be paid.

Less administration

With DZB Bank, your company receives a settlement every 10 days that consists of invoices/credit notes to be paid, giving you a better overview of your payments. As the bank has the payment liability to the supplier, you can agree with the bank on a payment arrangement that suits your company best. And it’s free of charge!